Director of Library and Research Technologies

Betsy Evans

Ms. Evans came to Sul Ross in 2016 as the Education and Outreach Librarian and was recently named the Director of Library and Research Technologies in the new Division of Educational and Cultural Resources. “As a librarian, my lifelong goal is to foster curiosity and provide education in support of access to information.” As the Director of the Library, she ensures that the library functions efficiently and grows strategically with customer service that centers our students, staff, and faculty populations.

“I really have the best job at Sul Ross.” Ms. Evans enjoys the atmosphere of people working, learning, and collaborating on all floors of the library building. Whether in her office, at the front desk, or wandering the stacks, she invites conversation with fellow Lobos. When presenting to a room full of new students about what she affectionately calls “library stuff” she admittedly gets a little nervous until she sees smiles and heads nodding. “That feeling is a great memory!”

Ms. Evans enjoys being involved with the Alpine and Big Bend communities. She is currently the Chair of the SRSU Sustainability Council and loves visiting and working with the nice folks at the Hal Flanders Recycling Center. She is also on the Board of the Alpine Public Library where she shares her love of libraries with other dedicated and passionate library fans. “Our public library is beautiful and provides excellent service to residents.”

Hens make great pets!

When Ms. Evans is not working, she loves to take walks and observe the beautiful scenery in Alpine, working in her garden, and watching her 16 pandemic chickens grow. Pictured above is Ms. Evans with her partner and favorite hen, Pierogi. Sul Ross State University is blessed to have Betsy Evans as a part of our incredibly talented library staff.

Madison Owen

Administrative Assistant for the Education Department

Madison Owen is here for you!  As the administrative assistant to the Education Department at Sul Ross State University, she helps students and potential students with general questions regarding our Education programs. Ms. Owen is located at the front desk in the Education Department and greets everyone with a smile.  

Her duties are extensive including assisting with the process of student teaching placements every semester for each student, organization of student files, and providing answers for students that call. Ms. Owen is there to assist and direct in any collaboration of communication with all faculty, staff, and students. She enjoys working with a supportive community that welcomes anyone. “Working with and helping the SR students are my most favorite part of my position. I feel that a hard-working college student deserves a University that works just as hard for them”.  

Ms. Owen’s mom, Jennifer Mustain is a Sul Ross alumni and brought her along to her classes on some occasions when she was young. Feeling the excitement of university life and feeling “the big kid life” inspired and motivated her to work hard to earn her bachelor’s degree in 2018. This fall, she started pursuing her master’s degree in Licensed Professional Counseling here at Sul Ross and is enjoying it. Ms.Owen is family to Sul Ross State University. The experience she brings to her position is an asset to the Education Department.    


Dr. Rebecca Schlosser-Professor of Education -Alpine Campus

Dr. Rebecca Schlosser teaches Educational Leadership and Principal Preparatory courses and Educational Law at Sul Ross for the last 15 years. Originally from Houston, her first teaching job was in 1977.  Beginning in the 1980’s she practiced school law and represented districts all over Texas. She attributes her law experience as an asset to her career in Educational Leadership which is her passion. Known as a “legal educator”, she tries to close the communication gap to what is dictated by the legislature and what educators need to do and holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University and a J.D. from the University of Houston.

Dr. Schlosser loves being a professor and is invested in her students’ success, engagement, and persistence throughout their educational career. With optimism and a caring heart, she believes everyone has a right to a college education. She recently submitted cycle four of the Principal Residency Grant which could financially support certified teachers attending Sul Ross State University aspiring to become principals.

Living in Alpine holds fond memories for Dr. Schlosser. Of those, she remembers volunteering as a parent for the high school Alpine Band while her son was in school. She was a member of Lion’s Club and was a judge for the municipal court here for a period of 3 years. She now lives in Houston with her husband and is proud to be a cancer survivor. Her favorite hobby while in Alpine was walking with her husband and was nicknamed “the walking people” in Alpine. “We walked every day. Did the loop twice a day, 10 miles a day”, she says. She also loves animals. She represented a no-kill animal shelter, The Lone Star Animal Shelter in Midland. Her favorite memory at Sul Ross State University is the staff Christmas parties. “They were happy and festive”.  Dr. Schlosser is happy that President Gallego is providing a fall celebration for faculty and staff. “He is a mover and shaker, very supportive, and invested in the university and community.”

Sul Ross State University is proud to have Dr. Rebecca Schlosser belong to our faculty community.


Kimra Rogers

Professor Kimra Rogers has a history at Sul Ross State University. Along with teaching Reading and Literacy for our Education Department, she is also an elementary school counselor at Alpine Elementary School. Serving now for 27 years in education, she has taught 2nd grade, kindergarten, and was even a music teacher for one year. She is now in her 16th year at Alpine Elementary School as a counselor.

She received her Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree in M.Ed. Reading and Counseling certification from Sul Ross State University. Her career in education began in Lorenzo, Texas then taught in Mansfield, Texas, and Fort Stockton, Texas. Kimra comes from a strong family of educators. Her father was a professor and chair of Industrial Technology at SRSU for many years. Her mother was a professor of education and director of field experiences at SRSU. Her sister is currently a second grade teacher in Alpine.

“My favorite memory of Sul Ross is growing up around the Industrial Technology building with my dad. Sul Ross had a very active Industrial Technology Club. We participated in parades and cookouts at Kokernot Lodge. I also spent a lot of time with my mom in the Education Dept. They both made a tremendous positive impact on my life. I hold Sul Ross near and dear to my heart!”

Sul Ross State University is very fortunate to have Professor Kimra Rogers here to serve our students.

Students Learning How To Use Anchor Keys

Future Teachers Create Anchor Charts

SRSU Director of Teaching and Learning Diana Rodriguez has her students creating posters, or anchor charts. Anchor charts are perfect for helping the younger generation learn in a creative environment. They support instruction, provide classroom management for students to self-monitor, and remind them of routines. Professor Rodriguez is using these posters in her classroom to prepare future teachers to use this tool in the classroom. These anchor charts will help remind teachers in the making how they can help guide their student’s cognitive social behavior.

Let’s Get to Know Matthew Marsh

Marsh – Testing & Certification Entry                                               Hello, my name is Matthew G. Marsh, and I am the Testing & Certification Coordinator (and undergraduate advisor) for the Education Department. I came to Sul Ross in 2008 as a graduate student and in 2010 became a full-time staff member for the Education Department. I served as Testing & Certification Coordinator till the end of 2016, when I left to begin work on my Doctorate degree in North Dakota. This April (2019) I made the long drive back from North Dakota to take up my old position. I am also an adjunct professor in history, teaching one or two history classes a semester, as needed, for the Behavioural & Social Sciences Department.  

I am originally from the city of Humble, a suburb in the Northeast area of Houston, which I promptly fled after living there twenty-four years. I have attended four different schools: North Harris College for my Associates; University of Houston-Downtown for my Bachelors; Sul Ross State University for my Masters’ degrees; and currently I am finishing coursework at the University of North Dakota for my Doctorate degree.  

As Testing & Certification Coordinator, one of my largest roles is as the Undergraduate Advisor for the Education Department’s Interdisciplinary Studies degrees. Advising was not a role that I had initially intended to pursue but when I became a full-time staff member in 2010, academic advising came with my job. Advising is a role that I enjoy greatly, for it enables me to help students navigate their degree plan and pursue the degree that best suits the direction they wish to take in their professional life.  

As an adjunct professor, I teach introductory history survey courses in United States and World History, so basically, I teach from the beginning of time to the present day! I first started teaching for Behavioural & Social Sciences in the Fall of 2013 and taught almost every long semester until the Spring of 2017. My expectations are, I think, relatively simple. I know that history is not everyone’s favourite subject. Yet the past is what defines who we are as a people, a nation, or a civilisation, today. To understand the past you need to read, to question, to process and synthesise knowledge in a way you understand. As the instructor, I try to highlight important events, trends, and movements that will help you understand not only what happened, but why.  

My office hours are very broad. I am in the office from 8:00-12:00pm and 1:00-5:00pm Tues/Thurs/Fri, 8:00-1:00pm and 2:30-5:00pm on Mon/Wed this Fall semester. The best way to reach me at least initially is either by e-mail, or by simply coming by my office in MAB 305-D 


Our Educational Technology specialization allows for maximum flexibility for interested graduate students who may already be working in the educational or technology field and aren’t able to commute to a campus and attend face-to-face classes..

Educational Technology is a field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional environment and learning materials in order to improve teaching and learning… with this degree you can become a K-12 technology coordinator, online distance Ed instructor at the community college and university level, instructional designer, corporate trainer / technology specialist and so much more.

Leah Davis writes about Vocabulary Strategies for ELL students “Helping our students gain access to the entire English-speaking culture through mastery of vocabulary has the power to change their lives and their families.”…#Lobos, #SRSU, #SRSUlearns,#frontierstories

Telisa Jones plants a seed at Alpine Elementary School by Teaching third graders in Librarian Mustain’s classes.

Students in Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom’s teacher education course, ED 3303, have been developing lesson plans that teach science concepts while including sustainability issues.   Telisa Jones took her lesson , “Planting a Seed”, to Alpine Elementary School and taught it to third graders in Librarian Jennifer Mustain’s classes.  Telisa’s lesson centered on the book “A Seed Is Sleepy”, about the life cycle of a seed.    Featured in the photo is Telisa Jones and Jennifer Mustain.