ReadWriteThink (RWT) is a free online resource to assist in improving reading and writing skills for K-12 and adult learning. The RWK app allows students to engage in literacy-learning using tablet devices. No internet connection is needed for the app once it’s downloaded. There are materials for math, science, life skills, and history.  RWT has classroom-tested online resources including student interactives and games, lesson plans, timelines for teaching objectives, classroom resources, and downloadable printouts. These resources are a helpful tool for educators looking to extend their student’s reading and writing skills. There are also professional development opportunities for educators and afterschool resources for parents and students.   

Lesson plans and activities are well-designed by reading and writing experts and encourage depth of learning. Many of the games have integrated content matter. There are hundreds of engaging activities, lesson plans, and printouts for educators to use in designing lessons for their students. This site is easy to navigate and information is easy to access. There is an abundance of information including resources in Spanish available for both educators and parents. All of the lessons correlate to reading and writing standards. There is even a literacy calendar that includes literacy history with resources added so students can always find something special about any day to read about.   



It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Protecting your password privacy is your digital responsibility, but protecting the privacy of your institution is also part of your digital citizenship. Too many times we are stopped from work because of another scam email or alerted to a possible threat to the institution’s servers. Malware is used to monitor and steal information and can cause your device to crash. It can be difficult to remove. Knowledge is power. Information about malware and how to prevent or possibly remove it can be found in this government article.  

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information

Using an added login process strengthens the security of your accounts. One-factor authentication requires your password, but two-factor authentication requires an additional step to log in. This added process makes it harder for unwanted attacks on yours and Sul Ross State University’s sensitive information. This method, (2FA) typically requires a code being sent to your phone or email to authenticate the user after your initial login/password process. Read more about 2FA and future changes that may be added to login security to your accounts here at Sul Ross State University to require two-step authentication. 


Educational Instructional Technology is a field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional environment and learning materials in order to improve teaching and learning. 

The use of technology in every area of education is only increasing and the skills needed to effectively integrate technology into learning environments are in HIGH DEMAND. There is no better area to specialize in if you wish to prepare yourself for a future where knowledgeable and technology savvy specialists, instructors, and administrators are highly valued and much needed.  

Learn more about this degree program and how to apply by going to the website below.


Over the next few weeks, we will provide suggestions on how to integrate technology into your lessons using Zoom.

Using Zoom for incorporating the 4C’s (communication, creativity, critical thinking, and communication) into discussions and virtual lessons present an opportunity for increased engagement with students. Keeping students’ attention can be difficult, but using the features in Zoom for engaging your students is easy.

Use the Zoom Chat Feature (Communication)

Putting directions and links into your chat will send to all your participants immediately. Maybe it’s a link to a slideshow or additional resources. By putting links into the chatbox, the entire class can simply click and copy. Instructors can also require a response from everyone during a lecture to keep them engaged.

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