What is Share Point?

SharePoint is an app that allows students to collaborate and share documents with one another, within Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint allows students to work together by sharing a simple link. With this link, users can grant people access to view or edit documents.  Microsoft SharePoint lets people view what users are working on and allows them to work collaboratively in real time.  Many people actually enjoy using SharePoint because it helps keep everyone on the same page since everyone has the same version of the documents, reducing confusion and improving productivity.  SharePoint also makes data sharing easy thus improving communication, making it very useful/handy for students, especially for presenting or working together as a class. While using SharePoint you can limit what people have access to. You can see everything, but they can only see what you allow them access to. Overall, SharePoint is a resourceful app that teachers and students should use to improve collaboration, communication, and creation of files.

For more information or help using SharePoint click the link below: