What is the Records Retention Disposition Request Form?

Hi everyone!

We’ve created a new Disposition Request Form for Records Retention! YAY! What does that mean? It means that the old disposal form used back in March through May of 2017 is out and this new form is in.

  • Why do we have a new form?
    • The previous disposal form was not user friendly. (you probably agree with this)
    • The signatures at the bottom of the page made it confusing as to what individuals were signing for
    • The form was too broad, which meant that there were multiple errors.

We take responsibility for the lack of ease with the previous form, primarily because trainings were not offered specifically on how to fill out the form. With that said, the new form is more user friendly and will have a training video to accompany it.

  • Why do you have to fill out the form?
    • We’re ensuring that departments understand Records Management, the Schedule, and what is required of them.
    • The form also serves as a buffer. If someone assumes that FE+4 means August 31, 2013, we’ll have problems. When turning in the forms, the Records Management department has a chance to correct these minor errors to say that FE+4 actually means August 31, 2012.
  • Why does it matter how correct we are on the forms and in our understanding?
    • It’s extremely important that the departments across the campuses dispose of their records¬†on time.¬†This means that getting rid of paperwork or computer files before the Schedule allows you too, is a violation of the Records Management laws. Just as well, if you never destroy paperwork or computer files you’re also in violation of the laws.

If you ever have any questions about the forms/paperwork used in the overall Records Management program at Sul Ross, please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for a training video on how to fill out the Disposition Request Form!


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