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What are all of those forms?

Hello everyone!

The Records Management web page on the Sul Ross website will be arriving shortly. Before that happens I want to elaborate on the forms themselves and which ones will be required. (Links will be installed into this post as soon as the web page goes live)

  1. Records Retention Disposition Request Form
    • This form is the new Disposal Form that was previously required. This form was recreated to explain the process better. These forms are intended for disposition request. Departments are requesting permission from the Records Management Division to dispose of their state records.
    • Why do you have to have permission? To ensure that records are being disposed of and that they’re being disposed of correctly. The records being requested for disposition are subject to the Schedule. The Records Management Division (RMD) offers a second glance at the records that will potentially be lost forever. Retention periods are tested against the date ranges provided by the departments.
  2. Record Retention Schedule Amendment Request Form
    • If you’ve gone through the Schedule and noticed some of the items listed are no longer used in the department. Perhaps you’ve looked at the Schedule and found that some of the current retention periods do not accurately demonstrate how long an important record should be kept or disposed of.
    • The Amendment Request offers departments the chance to record any changes (additions or deletions) that they’d like to make from the Schedule. When the new Schedule is approved, these additions and deletions will no longer be allowed.
    • This form offers extensive instructions.
  3. Inventory Request Form
    • Those that have been to the training’s know a little bit about the inventory process. The inventory request form will help the Records Management Division organize inventory requests and improve the efficiency of the on site inventories.
    • The form consists of severalĀ parts.
      1. Requester informationĀ 
        • For a single inventory date (one day at a time) only two individuals in a department will receive an inventory. If you’re scheduling for your entire department, please be aware that two offices or office spaces will be done one day and the other two can be done the next. Special circumstances such as a department which has three individuals in the department may have one inventory date.
      2. Job Description
        • The job description is required of all requester’s. This is to help the RMD determine which records an individual may be creating based on items listed on the Schedule.
        • If you’re unsure where to find your job description, Human Resources has them listed on the website.
      3. Office Floor Plan
        • The purpose of this next part is to shorter the amount of time spent in the inventory process. With a floor plan the RMD will have an easier and faster time, helping the requester’s locate their records. When the inventory begins the floor plan will be used as a bouncing off point. The locations of records listed on the floor plan will be checked off so that records do not go overlooked.
        • The floor plan does not have to be perfect. Please do not take photos and send them via email. The preferred format is a paper drawing with lots of boxes and squares indicating furniture. From there the requester can write in where files are located. If you’d like to see a sample floor plan, email Kayla Waggoner at
      4. List of Records
        • In this section the requester can list what types of records their creating on a daily basis or where they are managing the records. Paper files are okay to list but really the RMD is looking for some knowledge on the part of the requester as to where records are created.
        • If you create requisitions for your department, list Banner. If you’re department is on SharePoint, list SharePoint and OneDrive. Do you manage the department’s web page? What about the social media accounts.
        • Requester’s should pause and think about how records are created and where they are maintained during their life cycle.
    • If you have any questions about the inventory process there’s a few things to do.
      1. Be looking for posts on this blog that discuss the inventory process.
      2. Attend one of the training’s titled “Conducting an Inventory”.
      3. Call Kayla Waggoner (x8124) for more information.

If you have any other questions along the way, feel free to contact us.