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Difference between Correspondence Administrative and General

Almost every department on campus has a Correspondence – Administrative (1.1.007) and a Correspondence – General (1.1.008) on their section of the Records Retention Schedule (RRS). But you may be wondering what is considered “correspondence” and how do I know if I fall under Administrative or General? Look no further, we’re got some helpful tips to help decipher these record series titles.

Firstly, correspondence ranges from official memorandum to unofficial chat discussions on Blackboard or Skype Business. However, where you’re going to frequently see correspondence is your Sul Ross email. Everyday each state employee is sending several emails (hundreds if you count the fs_all routes) that either directly or indirectly relate to their job. After an email has been classified as a record, individuals are responsible to maintain these based on the Records Retention Schedule. For details on the email classification system you’re encouraged to attend or watch one of the E-Records training’s. If you’re curious about the emails as they are only a format of a record, please contact us for more information at any time.

The following is a break down of the two correspondences provided by TSLAC on their blog, The Texas Record as well as the general definition provided by the commission.

  • 1.1.007 – Correspondence – Administrative 
    • These records include “incoming/outgoing and internal correspondence pertaining to the formulation, planning, implementation, interpretation, modification, or redefinition of the programs, services, or projects of an agency and the administrative regulations, policies, and procedures that govern them.”
    • Important: This record series contains an archival code of O. For a state university this means that the universities Archival office has the authority to keep any historical information within this record series. The archival note for Administrative Correspondence is that “only the administrative correspondence of executive staff, board or commission members, division directors and program heads require archival review.” This means that Department Heads, Deans, VPs, and the President’s office have this archival review requirement.
  • 1.1.008 – Correspondence – General 
    • This record series is included for everyone else in a department.
    • These records include “non-administrative incoming/outgoing and internal correspondence, in any media, pertaining to or arising from the routine operations of the policies, programs, services, or projects of an agency.”

Other staff and faculty members are allowed to keep these types of emails for reference (same as some of your paper files) but are not actually responsible for the retention of these emails.

Let us know if you have any questions about this topic!