President’s Perspective January 2019

Yesterday was our first day of classes at Sul Ross State University.  I walked around campus and met and saw students as they rushed to and from buildings.  They were busy, hopeful, and energized to start a new year.  I remember my days as a student.  I recall feeling nervous about starting a new semester and wondering if I would relate to my professors, my classmates and my courses.  As I progressed in college, I learned some very valuable lessons.  First, I learned to attend class because most of my professors did not appreciate a student who did not show up to learn.  Second, I learned to pay attention – whether in class or outside, it paid to give my attention to a project, assignment, goal, or relationship.  And finally, I learned that there are people who want to help along a college career and they wanted me to take advantage of their help so that I could succeed.    

These lessons translated over time as I gained more experience and ultimately led into my professional career.  I value individuals who take the time to teach me about ideas and I value individuals who want to listen and learn from my experiences.  I continue to “show up” so that I do not miss valuable opportunities to learn.  I give attention to issues, concerns, projects and ideas that I believe are in the best interest of moving our university forward.  As a student, I had to pay attention to get a good grade, now I give attention where it is needed most, like my family, my personal relationships, my professional relationships, and ideas that change lives.  And throughout it all, I learned to take advantage of opportunities to improve circumstances.  I frequently remind myself that challenges are simply opportunities waiting for a chance to grow. 

I look around our campus and our community and I see so many opportunities for our students to use their education to change the world.  I see our faculty and staff who want our students to succeed.  And I also see the legacy from our alumni who already accepted the challenge and paved the way for our current students.

It’s a great day to be a Lobo!

President Bill Kibler

3 thoughts on “President’s Perspective January 2019

  • President’s Perspective January 2019 is so sincere and inspiring! It will encourage my study and my career now and in the future!

  • Sage advice, but I would add just one more bit – don’t sweat the little stuff. Your time at Sul Ross will be over before you know it, and you’ll look back and long for the days when life was simpler and your surroundings more serene. Sul Ross State, Alpine, and the Davis Mountains – among the best kept secrets in Texas. I wouldn’t trade my Lobo education for any other in Texas.

  • Thank you President Kibler! As a Lobo Mom, I’m so grateful that my son has the opportunity to attend a college that provides such a positive, practical and personal learning environment. Thank you for your thoughtful, wise leadership and best wishes for a prosperous Spring 2019 Semester!

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