Chinese Entry 3: qi zhuang

This is a Manchurian woman from the Qing Dynasty in China which lasted from 1644 to 1912. She would be the daughter of a Manchurian nobleman of the time and would have access to the most luxurious clothing and lifestyle. This young lady is wearing a Qi Zhuang (旗裝) which is a style of clothing from Manchuria. She is also wearing golden nail guards. This is a sign of nobility as the rich would not be required to do manual labor and could grow out their nails. After the Manchurians took over China in the early to mid-1600s, all Han Chinese people were mandated to wear Manchurian dree and hairstyles (resistance results in death). Qi Zhuang were to be worn exclusively by Manchurian women, with Han Chinese women wearing different variations of Manchu dress. The Qi Zhuang would eventually be modernized in the future and create the more form fitting and well known Qi Pao.


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