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Beautiful code is elegant and simple – it is concise but clear. There is a balance in the code – a rhythm in the definition and structure of conditionals and the loops. The intent of the each function shines through the code – a pattern in the creation and interaction of the classes and methods in classes that combines the code into a coherent and beautiful unit. Beautiful code is concise, there are no wasted variables or endless conditionals – it is a pleasure to read not just because of the ease of reading but from the way in which it communicates the ideas and intent of the programmer.

-author unknown




Yesterday I had a scare,
I ran some code that wasn’t there,
It wasn’t there again today;
Oh, how I wish that it would stay.


forget everything from school — you are a programmer,
and here 2.1 * 3.6 = 7.559995
but sometimes (2.1 * 3.6 == 7.559995) != true
this is the world with no rules after the point — this is a computer.