HELP! What do I archive?


Whether your familiar with the Archives of the Big Bend or not, I bet the Records Management side of the Archives will be something new to everyone. As most everyone knows, Records Management isn’t only about getting rid of records, but also about the permanent preservation of important documents.

As any of the numerous Records Management trainings will tell you, the and archival codes listed on the Records Retention Schedule help departments recognize which of their records require either archival review or a transfer to the University Archivist. But what about the records that you personally want to keep but they are either not a record, or lack an I or an O archival code? Don’t worry!

Here’s a quick summary of things that can be found on the Texas State University webpage. This summary is a great example of what should come to Archives.

“Any department, office, employee, or past employee who discovers old university records may have uncovered part of the history that we want to document. Presidential and Provost correspondence, building records, student organizations, and photographs of people and places on campus are highly desired. Other historically significant information is appreciated.”

If you have anything in your office that you think fits that category or would be beneficial to the university, please give the Archives a call. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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