The Mass Effect Trilogy, Game Review

The Mass Effect Trilogy IconIn honor of International Games Day (November 21st) we are bringing you game reviews from library student workers. If you want to play the game for yourself, visit the library to check out this, or the other 200+ video games we have available.

—What is your favorite game that is available at the library?
The Mass Effect Trilogy (for XBOX 360)

—What is the game about?
The main point is to stop an ancient species of aliens called the reapers from wiping all life from this cycle.

—How long does the game usually take to play?
Well it is three games in one the first is around 15 and the second depending on how much stuff you want to unlock and backstory to go into around 24 hours. The third is around 24 as well I’d say with the same stipulations.

—How many people can play?
Story mode 1 and on the third game there is online multiplayer up to 4.

—Why is it your favorite?
Also a great story and you can kinda do whatever you want in a whole galaxy which is awesome.

—Who/what kind of person would enjoy playing this game?
People who like sci-fi or fiction stories

—Is there anything else you want to say about this game?
They are long so get ready to invest time

–  Reviewed by Sonny Galindo, Library Circulation Staff


Check out The Mass Effect Trilogy at the library

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