IR Website – New Features!

SRSU is in the process of migrating the website to a new platform, and IR is an early adopter. So, check out the new site! There are two new features in the fresh IR website: The Institutional Review Board page and the TSUS Enrollment Explorer.

The Institutional Review Board page provides some basic information for faculty and students that plan to engage in research that involves human subjects. Here you’ll find who to contact and forms you may need. This page is in the early stage of development so expect to see more useful information here as the year progresses.

The TSUS Enrollment Explorer is an interactive self-service dashboard that allows the user to query historic enrollment data (lags by a year) through a user-friendly interface. Enrollment data can be queried by many variables including gender, ethnicity, student type, classification, level, term and CIP code. This tool includes data for institutions that are part of the Texas State University System, therefore it is also useful for comparisons. It is a helpful and fun tool. We’re very excited to finally make it available to you!

Here’s a quick overview. There are six tabs on the dashboard.

1. Select students: Here’s where you decide what data you would like to investigate.

2. Who are they?: Provides formatted tables and graphs.

3. Where are they from?: Provides an interactive map that shows the students’ home county.

4. Where are they now?: Presents enrollment by CIP code, meaning, by the disciplines/programs students are pursuing.

5 & 6. Custom Crosstabs & Charts: Two customizable tabs allow you to build your own cross-tabulation tables and to graph data over time.