Census Day Fall 2018 Enrollment Profile

Yes, the comic is just a joke…admit it, you laughed!

A new academic year has begun. It is exciting to see the campus bustling with activity and events again! Last Wednesday (9/12) was Census Day, which is the 12th class day for fall and spring semesters. This is a day when institutions perform a preliminary headcount of enrolled students. This count is typically slightly higher than the official census date. The official census date isĀ  the last day the Registrar’s office allows students to drop courses.

And so, this is a great time to take a tiny pause and look at the enrollment profile of the SRSU students.

Fall 2018 SRSU Student Profile

Total Headcount: 1,933

Students in the Alpine campus are mostly undergraduateĀ  (71%), relatively evenly divided with respect to gender, and about half are of Hispanic origin. Just over a quarter of the student population are new students. The majority of undergraduates are enrolled full-time (80%), while the majority of graduate and post-baccalaureate students are enrolled part-time, 24% and 4% respectively.

Fall 2018 SRSU-RGC Student Profile

Total Headcount: 916

Students in the Rio Grande College instructional sites (Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Uvalde) are also mostly undergraduate (84%), but they are predominately female (74%). The majority of them are Hispanic (90%) and continuing students (79%). RGC doesn’t enroll new undergraduate students, but it does enroll new graduate students, and they are about 3% of the RGC student population. Unlike SRSU, the majority of students across all degree levels are part-time students – 69% (UG), 83% (PB) and 99% (GR).