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Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week – Federal Trade Commission

It’s tax season.  Which means each of us spends time pulling together data for our personal tax returns.  

People that want to steal your identity and your money also know it is tax season and are doing what they can to do so.

A recent warning was released that a new malware is being sent to email addresses across the nation in hopes you will click on the the icons or links in the message and give away your credentials.  These messages most frequently come with a subject line referencing your W-9, which many people have to use for their tax filing.

Sul Ross will not send you an email asking you to click on any icon or link to request any personal or identifiable information from you.  If you receive a message that asks you about your W-9 or any other tax document, check with the Purchasing Office before clicking on any item in the email message.  Sul Ross will always advise you to view any tax related documents in LoboOnline and will not ask for that information via email.

Here is a link to more information about this harmful attempt to steal your personal information:

Remember!   DON’T CLICK