Report on Diversity and Inclusion

The following is posted in the interest of transparency and with the intention of improving the environment and climate of Sul Ross State University for students, staff, and faculty:

In April 2018, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee endorsed and submitted the following “Report on Diversity and Inclusion–An Inquiry into its Importance in Higher Education, its Status at Sul Ross State University, and Recommended Strategies for Achieving Institutional Success,” by Dr. Savannah L. Williamson. As of the date of this post, the report has been distributed to members of the University Executive Committee. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is waiting to be put on the E.C. agenda to discuss the Report and its recommendations.

The pdf of the final report is available through the following link:

Final Report on Diversity and Inclusion

Any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations may be submitted directly to Dr. Williamson or to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee through

-Savannah L. Williamson, Ph.D.

Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Assistant Professor of History