Movement from activities like walking and workouts will improve your mental health, making your day more enjoyable and productive.  Sul Ross and the Big Bend region offer a number of exercise opportunities, including daytrips such as these.  Below you will find tips to help you get started:

Pick activities which excite you

Some people seek out the endorphin rush of high-intensity training, while others may prefer a slow-paced walk around the campus mall.  Choosing activities which most appeal to you will make exercise routines easier to maintain.

Put it on your schedule

Make exercise as routine for you as showering and brushing your teeth.  Blocking off a specific time to go for a walk or hit the gym will make exercise a normal part of your daily life.

Small is beautiful

Small efforts can lead to significant improvements in your physical and mental health.  Take the stairs, park far from your destination and walk the rest of the way, break up your study session by standing and stretching.  Research shows that exercising, even in small amounts, can reduce your risk for chronic disease.

Make it social

Asking a friend to join you for a walk or workout can help you fit social time and physical activity into your busy schedule.  Simply telling a friend of your exercise goals can help provide motivation and consistency.

Utilize Sul Ross Rec Sports

Details for the many Sul Ross-sponsored recreational programs can be found HERE.