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OneDrive Files Shared with Me

It is easy for a coworker to share a file of theirs that is stored on OneDrive.  At times, it is difficult to know how to find and open the file days, weeks or months later.  This video shows you how you can know when someone has shared a OneDrive file of theirs with you and how you can find the file at a later date.

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OneDriveforBusiness Now Supports Version History for All File Types

OneDrive is a great place to store all your important documents.  Prior to the recent announcement from Microsoft, while you could store and edit almost any file type on OneDrive, only Microsoft Office documents allowed you to store and edit multiple versions of a file.

Microsoft today (7/29/2017) announced that version history is available for all (yet to be defined) file types and not just Office files. This allows you to look at and edit previous versions of older PDF and CAD files, for example.

“Previously, version history only supported Office files. Now, version history is compatible with all file types, so you no longer need to worry about your PDFs, CAD files or even your photos and videos getting accidentally edited—you’ll always be able to restore or download a previous version”

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