New Telephone System and Changes You Should Know About

One week from today, Thursday, August 3rd, SRSU will convert to the new telephone system.  Most of you will see little to no change as you continue to use your existing handset.  But there are a few differences and changes as we move from the old system to the new system you need to be aware of.


  • 1+ and 9+ Dialing No Longer Required.  Once the new  system is running and your phone has converted over to the new system, you are not required to dial 9 for a phone call outside the institution.  Also, if you are dialing a long distance number, you do not have to dial a 1 or a 9 before the 10-digit number.  For on campus calls, the usual 4-digit extension is all that is necessary.
  • Long Distance Code.  The new system comes with free long distance calls anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Therefore, you no longer have to supply a long distance code when making a long distance call.
  • Password.  You will need to establish a new password on the new telephone system. The default for this account is the same as your extension (e.g. 8888).   This new password is also used to access your voicemail box from your desktop phone.  The new password must be at least a 6-digit PIN to be accepted.
  • Voicemail Box Greeting.  You will need to set a new voicemail box greeting on the new system, unless you want callers to hear the default message, which is similar to, “8888 is not able to answer the phone at this time.  Please leave a message at the tone.”
  • Voicemail MessagesVoicemail messages from the old system will be unavailable after the conversion and cannot be transferred to the new system.  Please check your voicemail box prior to 10AM on Thursday, August 3rd, and retrieve any messages before that time.  If you need to keep a message from the old system, use a pen and paper, digital recorder or your smart phone to manually record each message on the old system.  Also, The new voicemail system has different settings for the duration and life expectancy of voicemail messages
    • Voicemail messages are only saved for 15 days
    • Voicemail messages cannot be over 180 seconds in length
    • No more than 30 messages can be stored in your Voice Mail Box
  • Ring Tone.  Your ring tone will be set to the default ringer tone for the new system.
  • Display and Soft Keys.  The display and the soft keys on your phone will be slightly different.  Soft keys are just below the display as in this image.  

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