My Phone is Not Working – Now What!?!

For a few hours on Thursday, August 3rd, the desktop phone will not work as we convert to the new phone system.  If phone service during this 4-hour period is critical for you, here is a feature of the new phone system that allows you to receive calls on another phone, typically a cell phone, while you desktop phone is being converted.

  1. Log into the new phone system by supplying your 4-digit phone number and Password.  Details here on logging in and changing your password. 
  2. Once you successfully log in, you will see the Account Summary page.
  3. Click on the Features tab at the top of the Accounts Summary web page.
  4. In the Box titled, “Call Handling Options,” select “Forward fail over calls to” checkbox and input a 10-digit cell phone number (e.g. 432-555-1212).  Do not put a ‘1’ or a ‘9’ in front of this number.
  5. Click the Apply button.

While the phone system is being converted and your desktop phone is unavailable, the system sees this as a desktop phone failure and forwards any calls destined for your desktop phone to the alternate number you supplied in this dialog.

Once your desktop phone begins working, this feature may be removed by unchecking the “Forward fail over calls to” checkbox and deleting your cell phone number.  This setup may also be left in place allowing the new phone system to forward your calls to this alternate number if your desktop phone is not working.

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