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PowerShell to Create Secure PSCredentials for scripts

Rather than having a username and password in plain text you might want to put the password into a file in an unreadable format. This has some pretty clear benefit that you are not fully exposing the password. From time to time of course you want to test with a password in plain text but in production that practice should be avoided if possible. Clearly if someone “bad” acquires the file they could essentially have the password username (if they got this from your automation script) combination. A sysadmin could minimize that threat by limiting who has access to the servers and use file permissions to protect the password text file.

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Add IE Trusted Sites without AD GPO

Building off of the post from yesterday about checking Trusted Sites in IE using PowerShell this is how to add a Trusted Site on a single computer without rolling it out domain wide with a GPO. This is handy in situations where a site might need to be trusted temporarily or only on one computer and pushing it out over a Group Policy Object is more work then needed. Continue reading

IP info in an easy .bat file

Get the info you need from a user quickly with a bat file like this one.