Add IE Trusted Sites without AD GPO

Building off of the post from yesterday about checking Trusted Sites in IE using PowerShell this is how to add a Trusted Site on a single computer without rolling it out domain wide with a GPO. This is handy in situations where a site might need to be trusted temporarily or only on one computer and pushing it out over a Group Policy Object is more work then needed.

This does require administrative privileges on the target computer so assuming you’re following the principle of least privilege your users would need technical assistance to accomplish this.

  1. Click Start and search for MMC (the Microsoft Management Console)
  2. Click file and select Add / Remove Snap-in …
  3. In the Add Snap-in dialog box, click Group Policy , and then click Add . The Select Group Policy object dialog box appears.
  4. Click Local Computer to edit the local Group Policy object, Click Finish.
  5. Navigate to Computer Configuration — Administrative Tools — Windows Components — Internet Explorer — Internet Control Panel — Security Page
  6. Click Site to Zone Assignment List in the right hand panel
  7. Click Enable, then apply
  8. Click Show (Mid Left Side)
  9. In Value Name type the domain, for the Value put 2 for trusted sites zone (see table below for additional codes)
  10. Repeat for each additional domain and keep in mind that http vs  https makes a difference here
  11. Once you’re finished click OK and close out

The codes for sites are:

  1. Intranet zone – sites on your local network.
  2. Trusted Sites zone – sites that have been added to your trusted sites.
  3. Internet zone – sites that are on the Internet.
  4. Restricted Sites zone – sites that have been specifically added to your restricted sites.

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