Show IE trusted sites from PowerShell

Like most organizations Sul Ross uses Active Directory Group Policy Objects to manage the Trusted Sites list in the Internet Explorer Internet Zone. If you are a part of Sul Ross and need to have a site added University wide or just to a single computer please reach out to help desk by emailing or calling extension 8888. If you’d like to just check what sites are listed in the Trusted Sites section on your computer you can run the following command.

The codes for sites in the information returned are:

  1. Intranet zone – sites on your local network.
  2. Trusted Sites zone – sites that have been added to your trusted sites.
  3. Internet zone – sites that are on the Internet.
  4. Restricted Sites zone – sites that have been specifically added to your restricted sites.

In the case of Sul Ross we are using HKey Local Machine (HKLM:) in the code above. You may need to change that to HKey Current User (HKCL:) if you are running this code outside of the University domain.

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