View Quiz and Test Results

As promised, here is how students can see their test results, not just their score, but the test with the correct and incorrect answers. (Assuming you have allowed them to view these through the test options.)

1. To see the complete quiz/test results click on the “My Grades” link on the Course Menu.


2.  Then click on the title of quiz or test that you want to view.


3.   On the “View Attempts” page click on the score. (Click on the number.)


4.  Now the student will see the graded quiz/exam. Exactly what results the student sees depends on what the faculty allowed in the “Test Options” section.



Add the “My Grades” Tool

It is not obvious to students how to view their quiz or test results. It is helpful if you have added the “My Grades” tool to your course menu. Here are the steps for adding the “My Grades” tool to your Course Menu:

1. Click the plus sign on the upper left corner of the Course Menu. Then select “Tool Link” from the menu.


2.  Type in a name for the link (I’ll use “My Grades” as the name), select “My Grades” from the menu and check the “Available” box so that students will see the link.



3. Then click the “Submit” button.


Stay tuned….tomorrow I will show you how students can view their test results!

Tip of the week #1

If you need to remove students from your course that have dropped, or just aren’t attending anymore, here is how to do that:

  1. Click on “Users” under “Users and Groups” on the Control Panel
  2. Select the checkbox next to the name of the students you want to remove.
  3. Click the “Remove Users From Course” button.


4. Click OK on the warning dialog box.


Did you know…

If students find that they no longer have access to Blackboard, it may be due to a missed payment. Students should check with the One Stop Shop located in Lawrence Hall 100.  Access will be restored to Blackboard classes as soon as  the payment issue is cleared up.

This week’s quick tip is on viewing column information in the grade book. If you roll your mouse over the column heading, the “Grade Information Bar” appears and provides additional column information. The information includes the number of points, the category, how many students have submitted and how  many need to be graded.


Hello Sul Ross!

Welcome to the Blackboard Blog.  We will present brief descriptions of useful tips or recent solutions in order to assist you with your Blackboard experience.  Please feel free to request a subject for a future blog.


Thank you, Rusty