How many faculty evaluations have been completed?

If you are wondering how many of your students have submitted faculty evaluations for your Fall 2014 courses we have a way for you to find out!

Go to the Blackboard login page, but don’t login! Click the link below the login button, under “Blackboard Updates.”


A window will open with the option to open the Excel spreadsheet. Select “Open” and click “OK.”  (Some browsers will download the file and then you can open it.)



An Excel spreadsheet will open. It has two columns, one with the course ID and one with the number of students who have completed the survey.



You can search the spreadsheet by pressing the “CTRL” and “F” keys on your keyboard and either enter the CRN for your course or the course rubric and number, for example “ENG_1302.” Click “Find Next.”



Here you will see your course and the number of students who have completed the evaluation.



Or you can enter the CRN number for your course.



If you don’t know your CRN number, you can find it in Blackboard on your course list. It is in the middle of the Course ID.




I will update this list on Friday of this week (Dec 5) and Monday December 8th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!